As an agent looking for a Real Estate company you should take into strong consideration whether or not agents currently with the firm are happy. Please take a moment to read what our agents are saying about Tropic Shores Realty.


                                                        Why choose to partner with Tropic Shores Realty?


 Our strong market presence is a huge benefit for our agents.


We have a thriving and vibrant office. Our support staff and General Manager are helpful and available.


We are listing agents for Fannie Mae, VA,  and HUD and allow you to advertise these listings as yours to attract buyers.


100% commission allows you to have the extra money needed for advertising and marketing which will help grow your business dramatically.


Want more?  Here are a dozen reasons to join Tropic Shores Realty:

1. Free Full Featured IDX Website from  All agents receive a free lead generating website, including integrated IDX, that they can customize & add unlimited pages. You will receive the full version of the agent site, not a watered down site or a sub-domain of the brokerage site. This is your own website to keep and promote and drive traffic to on the domain of your choice! 

2. Free Virtual Tours! All agents receive unlimited Virtual Tours they can use for their listings, farm area, subdivisions, etc. Stop paying for a virtual tour program. 

3. No Franchise Fees, No Hidden Fees, No Junk Fees. We have never changed our fee structure since inception in 2005. 

4. No charge for copies, fax, etc. 

5. Only the agents phone # and contact info gets displayed on all advertising and signage. This way all the calls go to the agent.

6. Get Paid at Closing. If you choose, the closing title company can write you a check directly so you can walk away from closing with your commission check.

7. We are the technology leader! Period. We have the latest technology available to help you in your business, and we know how to use it. 

8. 24/7 Support. We are there when you need us.

9. Work from the office or work from home via our virtual office. Some agents prefer to work out of the office and some prefer to come in just to get paid. It is your choice. We have plenty of workstations at the office and there is always available space. 

10. Listings belong to the Agent. If you ever decide to leave then you are free to take your listings with you.

11. Run your business the way YOU want to. As long as it is legal, professional, and ethical. It is up to you to decide how much commission to charge, where & how to advertise, etc. We believe your business is your business. We are happy to provide advise and guidance.

12. 100% Commission. You do the work. You keep the money. Isn't it time to stop paying your broker such a large chunk of YOUR commission check

Tropic Shores Realty - 100% Commission!!!

Here is the information on our fantastic 100% commission structure:

$69 Monthly Fee

$239 Transaction Fee on ONLY your FIRST closing of each month. On any subsequent monthly closing there is no transaction fee.

$40 on every closing to help cover E&O (errors and omissions) insurance

That's it! You keep the rest! No hidden fees, no gimmicks, no desk fees.

**On commissions $500 or less Tropic Shores Realty will only take 10% rather than the transaction fee & will not count this as a transaction (meaning that if this is the first closing of the month the transaction fee will be paid on the next closing).
We provide the tools you need to succeed!
We are the industry leader in technology!
We offer a fantastic 100% commission program!

To join our network of experienced agents and brokers please call Andrew Hankin, Office Manager, today to schedule a confidential interview (352) 556-4875 or email us at

Thank you,
Jim Tacy
Broker / Owner
Tropic Shores Realty

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